What Counseling Offers

Counseling offers assistance in:

Identifying and clarifying issues. Sometimes, people who seek counseling only know they are not happy. Our counselors are skilled at helping people discover themselves and their feelings. We can help an individual clarify and sort through this confusion.

Identifying, clarifying, and expressing feelings. Many people have difficulty understanding, labeling and/or expressing feelings. This is particularly true when people are under stress. Feelings can be confusing and may often seem to be out of control. Our counselors are particularly good at helping people handle and understand their feelings.

Deciding what to do. Feeling stuck and uncertain is common when people are having difficulty determining alternatives. Often, there is more than one choice in how to respond. Our counselors are adept at helping people uncover and discover options and alternatives.

Developing and enhancing relationship skills. Creating a support system and developing close interpersonal relationships is especially important to most people. Yet many individuals who seem to have difficulty getting what they want from a relationship — whether it is from family, friend, or partner. Dealing with relationships, including the one with ourselves, is often the primary focus of counseling and counselors.